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•   Use good quality and original needle. Needles breaking often is due to bad quality.

•  When needle is in the texttile and we change try to change needle's position or angle.

•  When we try to remove texttile from the machine, we pull it forward and this breaks the needle.

•  Because of previous needle break remains in the machine, it damages the plate and stops the thread and breaks the needle again.

•  The needle flat side must face the back, loosen the screw. Remove old needle. Place new needle, flat side must face the back. Screw again.

•  When sewing machine is opened by a non technician.

•  Applying oil unprofessionally and too much.

•  Using the sewing macine incorrectly.

•  Rusting is due to humidity and lack of oiling. It will cause machine seizure and shortens the life of the machine.

•  Hight humidity in the air and locations where sewing machine is used.

•  When placing a sewing machine infront of air coolers working with water.

•  Placing sewing machines near bathroom showers.

•  Cleaing sewing machine with water and alcohol frequently

•  Placing sewing machines near ironing area.

How to solve the problems:

•  Use Silica gel. Place it very near to sewing machine. It will absorb the humidity around the sewing machine preventing it from rusting.

•  Note: The size and qaulity of bobbin is very important.

•  Note: The bobbin shouldn't be deformed or too small for bobbin case.

•  Note: Bobbin should have rust on it. It will damage the bobbin case.

•  Note: Plastic bobbin should not have any crack on it. It will damage the bobbin case.

•  Note: Do not use broken bobbin. Bobbin should be the right size for bobbin case.

•  Use plastic bobboin for bobbin cases that face upward. Use plastice bobbin in digital sewing machines.

The following are some of the reason that a bobbin locks:

- Seizure of related internal parts

- Not cleaning and oiling on regular bases

- Long service intervals

Solutions to seizure problem:

Seizure means internal parts that don't turn smoosthly and get stuck. In this case the best solution is service your machine by technician.

Lack of cleaning and oiling on time and their affact on machine locking

Oiling the sewing machine will help it work longer. Texttile threads enter internal parts of the machine and cause disruption during working with machine. Therefor cleaning and oiling is required to clear any possible issues.

Lack of regular service

All sewing machines must be serviced regularly so they work in perfect condition and prevent disruption.